Laughter, Tears and Punting Too!!!

Jeremy & Robyn – Trinity College, Cambridge

I was so delighted when Robyn and Jeremy told me that they were holding their wedding ceremony at Trinity College Chapel. Robyn is an alumnus of the college so it holds a special place in her heart. And it would be a wedding with an international flavour as Jeremy hails from the USA. I loved that they were keen to get photographs in and around the college as well as the chapel. Not only that, the wedding ceremony would also going to be followed by punting down the River Cam. It is so much fun when a wedding party includes punting!  

Beautiful Cambridge Trinity College Wedding

Getting Ready at Trinity College: The Bride and Bridesmaids

As an alumnus of the college, Robyn also had the opportunity to get ready for the wedding ceremony there. In a spacious room she and her bridesmaids prepared for the day. Robyn was lovely to work with. She was confident, warm hearted and generous to everyone around her. And she absolutely rocked her wedding day look. My favourite photo has to be the one of Robyn reflected in the mirror. It shows the back of her dress, which Robyn was keen to capture. But, at the same time it captures that sense of ‘just before’ nerves and anticipation.

top of brides dress on hanger during getting ready at Trinity College wedding

bride helps brother with button hole mother & bridesmaid reflected in mirror Trinity College wedding preperations

bride helps mother with make up during Trinity College wedding getting ready

bride checking hair dress hanging in background prior to her Trinity College wedding

bride and bridesmaid lift wedding dress watched by two flower girls during brides Trinity College wedding preperations

Trinity College wedding getting ready bridesmaid helps bride into dress Brides mother and flower girl watch

bride admiring her look before heading off for Trinity College wedding

bride applying lipstick in mirror

bride dress detail and colourful tattoo

bride in dress reflected in mirror during bride preparations

bridesmaid fitting veil to brides head mother in back ground

Arriving at Trinity College Chapel

Trinity College Chapel is historic with a capital ‘H’. Its current windows may be Victorian but the chapel itself dates back to the 1500’s. Built during the reigns of Mary and Elizabeth I, it is a breath-taking building. Arriving on the arm of her brother, Robyn looked poised and elegant, and not one bit over awed by the grandeur of the chapel.  But waiting in the ante chapel with her bridesmaids there was time for a little bit of nervous humour. I love the photo of Robyn as she composes herself, watched over by the statue of the poet Tennyson. It is an incredible privilege to get married here. Permission to marry here is given at the discretion of the Dean of Chapel. And you also need a Special Licence from the Archbishop of Canterbury.  How’s that for exclusive?

Trinity College Wedding Chapel

ushers greet guests at door to Trinity College chapel

Brides mother welcomes guests outside Trinity College

usher standing in entrance to Trinity College chapel

guest talking to vicar next to statue in entrance to Trinity College chapel

groom ushers everyone into the Trinity College chapel

guests take their places in Trinity College chapel ready for the wedding

groom and ushers talking to vicar in inner chamber of trinity College chapel

Groom holding tophat and usher with order of service

bride looking out of doorway big green leaves covering wall behind her

bride with arm out for brother

smiling bride on arm of brother as they walk to trinity Colleg chapel

groom and his Groomsmen at alter waiting for bride at trinity College Chapel Alter

flower girls and their mothers in main entrance to Trinity College chapel vicar in background

bride and escort framed in door windows as they enter Trinity College chapel

bride framed in door window as she enters Trinity College chapel

bride and escort enter Trinity College chapel followed by bridesmaid

bridal party waiting to enter Trinity College chapel

bridesmaid alters brides veil prior to entering Trinity College chapel

smiling bride enters Trinity College chapel on arm of escort

A Romantic Wedding Ceremony

Walking in on the arm of her brother, Robyn looked radiant. Cambridge college chapels pews are laid out in a unique arrangement, down each side of the church. So, as Robyn glided down the aisle everyone was able to turn to see her.  And of course the beaming smile of her husband to be Jeremy waiting at the altar couldn’t be ignored!

The wedding ceremony itself was genuinely lovely.  Robyn’s family priest conducted part of the ceremony. Blessed with a wonderful sense of humour, Father Parkinson was an essential part of the whole day. There were of course tears, but also laughter. I adore the photo of Jeremy and Robyn seated at the side of the altar as they listen to Father Parkinson. Robyn discreetly wipes a tear from her eye and looks at Jeremy. Jeremy provided a generous dash of glamour and romance when he dipped in a romantic embrace. A great way of doing the ‘first kiss’!

Exiting the chapel Robyn and Jeremy were first showered with congratulations and ‘bear’ hugs.  Next came the shower of confetti in The Great Court. Famed for the ‘The Great Court Run’, depicted in Chariots of Fire, there was no running on this occasion! But there was great fun and I love the joyous shots of Robyn and Jeremy leading their guests out of the Great Court.  We also took a bit of time out to photograph Robyn and Jeremy walking amongst the cloisters and the grounds. It was a chance to them to have a little time alone and enjoy the romance of the day. Jeremy also loved wearing his top hat and found all manner of excuses for it to feature in the photos!   

bridal party walking down aisle towards groom and his ushers at alter of Trinity College Chapel

smiling groom watches his bride walk down aisle of Trinity College Chapel

bridal party reflected in chequered floor of Trinity College chapel

Wedding ceremony at Trinity College chapel

vicar gives sermon as couple sit holding hands

groom holds brides hand as he looks at her during ceremony

bride wipes a tear from her eye during ceremony as groom holds her hand

groom looks at bride as she wipes a tear from her eye during ceremony

Trinity College chapel choir singing during wedding ceremony

Trinity College choir watch wedding ceremony

bridal party during exchange of rings

bestman checks ring in palm during exchange of rings

bride places ring on grooms finger

groom dips bride as he kisses her after ceremony bestman appluads

bride sign register as everyone watches

bride groom exchange glances and hold hands at end of ceremony

Wedding guest reading during Trinity College chapel wedding bride groom sitting

bride groom smiling walking down Trinity College chapel aisle after ceremony

bride groom enter Trinity College chapel anti chamber

usher hugs groom bride smiles at bridesmaid in background

Wedding guests come out of Trinity College chapel

mother of bride hugs groom man with beard smiles behind them

guests approach bride groom to congratulate them after ceremony at Trinity College wedding

bride smiles as groom shakes hands with guests at Trinity College wedding

smiling bride & groom during confetti throwing at Trinity College wedding

confetti in front of Trinity College chapel

Wedding guests outside Trinity College chapel after ceremony

bridal party walking in front of clock tower and Trinity College chapel

bridal party walking across Trinity College College Quad

bride in front of large wooden door holding bouquet and veil at Trinity College wedding

groom helps bride walk down stone steps at Trinity College at Trinity College wedding

bride groom walking near a row of pillars with white door behind them at Trinity College wedding

white door behind bridal couple as they walk arm in arm at Trinity College wedding

bride and groom standing in the middle of arched pillars at Trinity College wedding

bride and groom walking past arches

romantic moment between bride and groom

bride holding bouquet standing next to arches

bride standing in front of iron gate in Trinity College cambridge

bride groom embrace

Trinity College Wedding bridal portrait

To the Punts! Punting to the Party

I’ve photographed many weddings featuring a punt down the river. Tom & Ellen’s celebration at Homerton also involved a picnic punt! With champagne to hand and a blanket for warmth, Jeremy and Robyn led their guests down river. Father Parkinson was of course present, entertaining onlookers with great conversation! And don’t you just love the Canadian Geese following the happy couple down the river? What a perfect way to arrive at their riverside wedding reception.  It was time to party with friends and loved ones. And what a brilliant afternoon of fun and laughter it was. And what a great capture of Robyn throwing her bouquet! 

It was a fabulous wedding day. Thank you to Robyn and Jeremy for allowing me to be part of your beautiful celebrations.

Wedding quests getting on to punts on the river cam

bride being helped by groom and bridesmaid to get on punt watched by tourists on bridge

bridesmaid holds brides veil as groom helps her get on to punt

bride & groom pour champagne riding on a punt on river Cam

Wedding guests on a punt looking back drinking champagne

bride crosses legs while sitting on punt to show her shoes

bride and groom waving as they go punting on river cam under bridge of sighs

bride and groom sitting on river punt passing St Johns College in Cambridge

Wedding guests on punt taking photos and raising glasses to bride and groom

three wedding guests on punt taking photo holding champagne bottle and waving

lady standing on bridge watches as wedding party passes underneath on punts on river in Cambridge

bride and groom passing under bridge riding in punt on river in Cambridge

smiling wedding guests raise glasses whilst riding on punt

vicar shakes tourist hand whilst riding in punt on river cam

Wedding guests riding along the river cam in punts

Wedding guests in punt approaching bridge

Wedding couple in punt on river in Cambridge kiss with bridge of sighs behind them

laughing bride and groom riding on a punt

bride and groom in a punt on the river cam followed by geese

bride and groom kiss sitting in punt on river cam

bride caresses grooms face whilst sitting in punt on river cam

Trinity College Wedding bride groom punting near queens college mathematical bridge

Cambridge College Wedding Groom helps bride up steps

Wedding couple walking holding champagne bottle embrace

bride and groom walking along street in Cambridge passing red bike with NO Cycles sign

Cambridge Doubletree by Hilton Hotel bride vicar guests

Reception at Cambridge Doubletree by Hilton Hotel vicar gives a show with straw hat

male guests talking to bride

Wedding guest takes photo of unexpected guest Cow

female guests checking out brides wedding ring

Groom showing of wedding ring

wedding guests talking

Wedding cake

Wedding decorations blue & white flowers in small jars on tables

Cambridge Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Wedding red white flowers on table settings

Cambridge Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Wedding dining room

flower girl trying on adult glasses

ladies showing each other their phone photos from the wedding

smiling gents talking to groom

reflection in guys sunglasses

Wedding guests smiling laughing with groom

Wedding laughing guests in gardens Cambridge Doubletree by Hilton Hotel

flower girl and mother near waters edge watching ducks at Cambridge Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Wedding

Wedding guests listening to groom

flower girl sat in gents lap playing with handkechief

flower girl covers guys face with handkerchief

smiling lady pointing at brides wedding band

Wedding couple walking hand in hand watched by young boy

bride groom embrace in gardens of Cambridge Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Wedding

bride groom kiss in gardens of Cambridge Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Wedding

bride groom enter dining room at Cambridge Doubletree by Hilton Hotel wedding reception

Cambridge Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Wedding table decorations

wedding guest at dining table

bridesmaid holds teady bear for flower girl

Wedding guests at dining table

wedding guests in conversation at dining table

male wedding guests talking at dining table

groom talking to guests sitting at dining table

groom explains to guests sitting at table

laughing guest sitting at table

listening intently

smiling gent at dining table talking to lady

grooms speech

brides mother gives speech during reception

everyone laughing at mothers speech

bestmans speech

bride smiles during best mans speech

Wedding speech

best man rest hands on grooms shoulders during speech

smiling usher telling story

best man talking to smiling lady

bride and groom kiss sitting on bench surrounded by purple flowers

bridesmaids bouquet in her hand

female wedding guest hugs groom

Wedding guests outside talking in gardens of Cambridge Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Wedding

groom shows off cufflinks

Sitting and standing guests talking in gardens of Cambridge Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Wedding

two older gents talking at bar in Cambridge Doubletree by Hilton Hotel

bride throws bouquet

bouquet caught by laughing bridesmaid

man with cup of tea

bride and groom first dance embrace

Wedding first dance watched by guests

groom smiles at bride during first dance

first dance under red light

Wedding first dance groom embrace smiling bride

Cambridge Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Wedding energetic guest dancing

pulling faces during dancing

all the ladies on the dance floor

bride with friends on dance floor

throwing shapes on the dance floor

Bride in red light on dance floor

Wedding lady throwing shapes and pulling faces on dance floor

A few kind words from Robyn & Jeremy

“When the pictures arrived we were astounded…… You managed to capture every emotion; from laughter to tears of joy. The composition of each picture is perfect – every picture tells a story. We can honestly say they are the most beautiful wedding photo’s we’ve ever seen, and we look forward to revisiting the day with them for many years to come!

They are just so joyous! Many, many thanks.”

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