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Andy & Kate – Woburn Sculpture Gallery, Bedfordshire

Kate and Andy’s Woburn Sculpture Gallery Wedding….

First of all, Kate and Andy’s Woburn Sculpture Gallery wedding was BEAUTIFUL. In every sense of the word. Why? Three simple things. Love. Romance. Style. Seems like I don’t need to say anymore but I will!

So why did Kate and Andy choose Woburn Sculpture Gallery as a location for their wedding ? Well, most of all Kate has strong family ties to gorgeous Woburn village. So keeping things local was important to them both, especially Kate. And, choosing St Mary’s Church in Woburn for the ceremony had special family significance. After all, Kate’s grandmother still attends there…….

So, with the church booked, it seemed to make sense to also have their amazing party close by. Woburn Sculpture Gallery was the perfect choice. After all it’s a mere ‘stone’s throw’ from the church, and it’s just gorgeous!

For their wedding day, they also wanted to get ready nearby. So, they both chose to get ready at the lovely Woburn Inn Hotel. But in different rooms of course! You can walk to St Mary’s Church from there, so I think that qualifies as nearby!

Getting Ready for the Wedding…

Whilst I don’t always photograph the groom getting ready, it’s always fun when I do! Like many grooms, Andy seemed to be calm as he and the guys got ready. But there were a few jokes to ease their nerves. They were all very nervous as they tried to tie their neck ties correctly!

Meanwhile, Kate and her bridesmaids got ready amid champagne, laughter and tears. Being able to photograph bridal preparations is always special. After all, these are the last few moments with family and friends before walking down the aisle. I especially love the photos of Kate as her bridesmaids help her into her wedding dress. And, the photos as she meets her father capture that ‘one time only’ emotional moment.

Arriving in Style…

Groom Andy walked to the church with his groomsmen, to the delight of the locals! Their black and white morning dress looked great against the black and white crossing. Kind of reminds me of a certain Beatles album cover………..

Kate arrived later of course, in a vintage Rolls Royce. On the arm of her proud father, she looked radiant and elegant. And, after a few ‘final touches’ by her bridesmaids, she was ready to walk down the aisle. She smiled all the way down, and looked amazing in her Sassi Holford dress!

The Wedding Ceremony…

What more can I say? Well, I can say that Kate and Andy’s wedding ceremony was stunning! Let’s see, there was Kate smiling and whooping for joy when she and Andy had taken their vows. Their guests just loved that!

And, to complete perfection they had beautiful music. Yes, the gorgeous sound of a Spanish guitar filled the church during the signing of the register. Much to all the guests delight! And, when Kate and Andy were ready to leave, their guests were there to applaud them.

Wow! So many smiles, tears and heartfelt congratulations. No wonder the confetti throwing that followed was so full on!

The Wedding Reception…

So onto the party! Hidden in the grounds of Woburn Abbey, the Woburn Sculpture Gallery is stunning. Inside and outside! As Andy and Kate walked through the yellow daffodil gardens it was magical. I couldn’t help but notice how much in love and happy they were! Romantic? Definitely. Are the gardens perfect for relaxed couple portraits? Of course!

A Woburn Sculpture Gallery wedding is also on a grand scale. Can you imagine giving a speech amongst the classic statues? Well, that’s what you’ll do, and what Andy did so well in his groom’s speech. And, you’ll dance the night away surrounded by the ancestral portraits of the current Duke. It’s where Kate and Andy had their first dance to fabulous applause!

But the best thing of all? You can enjoy your wedding day in the style that you want. Do it. It’s just gorgeous.

A few kind words from Kate & Andy

“Getting married was one of the best days of my life. And, seeing our day captured in the most amazing images was like living it all over again. It brought back the most amazing memories. And we have Kev to thank for that. He created the most wonderful storybook of our day that brings a happy tear to my eye every time I look at it!”

Are You Planning A Woburn Sculpture Gallery Wedding?

Maybe you’re planning your own wedding at Woburn Sculpture Gallery? Or perhaps somewhere else in Bedfordshire?

Would you love to have your wedding story photographed in a beautiful, natural style? If the answer is yes, just get in touch. I’d love to hear about the plans that you have. And, of course it’d be awesome to photograph your day!

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