Wedding Celebration

Hugh & Sasha – Clare College

Smiling bride groom embrace outside the gates to Clare College Memorial Court Cambridge prior to the start of their wedding celebrations

Bride and groom walking in Clare College gardens bride holding her bouquet to her side

Bride and groom hold hands in Clare College gardens set against in full bloom flower beds

Groom dips his laughing bride in Clare College gardens

smiling Bride and groom embrace in Clare College gardens on a glorious sunny day

Grooms button hole and striped blue tie

glorious red, white and green bouquet against her white dress

smiling bride and groom embrace in front of Claire College Bridge

Groom and Bride hold hands and gaze at each other in front of Clare College Bridge as a Punt of tourists passes by on the river Cam

Bride groom standing in arch way leading to the Old Court of Clare College

Bride leans against wall with groom in entrance leading to the Old Court of Clare College

Bride groom in Old Court of Clare College

smiling Bride in short white dress looks at groom whilst holding his hand walking towards metal gate in the Old Court of Clare College Cambridge

Bride groom gaze at each other whilst walking arm in arm through the old court of clare college Cambridge

Clare College Scholars Garden guests arriving at red topped marquee as bride talks to elderly lady

Bride holding glass of Champagne talking to elderly lady

Bride groom recieving big hugs from wedding guests

smiling Bride standing in iron gateway caresses grooms hair

thoughtful bride stands leaning against iron gate waiting for guests

guests in Clare College Scholars Garden talking throw expressive hand gestures

guests in Clare College Scholars Gardens enjoying drinks an conversation

Red Marquee in Clare College Cambridge Scholars Garden with wedding guests in conversation

Guests in sunglasses

Sunglasses wearing Guests enjoying conversation holding wine glasses

Two ladies in a green and a yellow dress watch the punters go down the River Cam

bride shows wedding guests the way into Clare college cambridge Scholars Garden

Wedding guests surround the red top marquee in front of Clare College under a blue summers sky

groom holding a Champagne glass talking to two female guests

Bride greets two guests with a hug watches by a young girl at the entrance to Clare College Scholars garden

laughing men enjoying a drink

three generation of ladies talking

two female guests arrive through Clare College Scholars Garden gate enterance

A hug for the groom

Cheeky grin


father and his young son looking at all the punts on the river Cam

three smiling men leaning against wall viewed through iron bars of gate

Bride groom welcome two guests with hugs as two females look on

cheers small child clinks glasses with mother in black and whirte spotted dress who is sat on grass

smiling lady in hat and yellow dress talking to gentleman

watching the punts go by on the river cam

child sat on lawn in Clare college Scholars gardens

standing in front of two large green bushes a Red haired gent standing under a white umbrella out of the sun talking to three ladies

two young ladies taking to grandmother

A man in straw hat and sunglasses talks to the groom

Smiling gent in Straw hat and wearing a blue bow tie

smiling older lady holds brides hand

bride groom reading speech from ipad standing in front of large green bushes

guests in Clare college Scholars garden listening to speeches

taking cover from sun under white umbrella during speeches

bride pionts at guests during groom wedding speech in clare College Scholars gardens

Cheers bride groom clink champagne glasses after speeches

Young wedding guest during speeches

bride groom toast wedding guests

Groom looking at Champagne glass during toast

groom pionting out wedding guest during his speech

Wedding guests listening to speeches in Clare College Scholars gardens

Listening to Brides Speech

Speeches in Clare College cambridge Scholars Gardens under a hot english summer sun

Bride groom read speeches from ipad watched by guests

Groom places wedding ring on brides finger watched by guests in clare College gardens

Little girl looks at brides wedding band

Female guest looks towards Bride as she show wedding band to friend

Showing off wedding band to female friend

Man and his young son in blue hat sitting on wall

Wedding guests in front of red marquee in Clare College Scholars gardens cambridge

Wedding guests in the Scholars Gardens of Clare College cambridge

Groom talking to male friends under white umbrella

Elderly Conversation

Gather round to see brides wedding band

Bride holding her shoes leans back against Clare College Bridge whilst talking to her groom

Bride holding shoes talks to groom whilst standing on Clare College Bridge

Smiling Bride looks at her groom as they walk through Clare College gardens viewed through flowers

Clare College Gardens Bride groom walk hand in hand

Bride groom embrace and kiss whilst standing in Clare College Gardens

Bride groom smile at each other during embrace in beautiful flower filled gardens

Bride caresses grooms face while they stand in the gardens of Clare College

groom kisses brides forehead as they embrace between two hedges

bride groom smiling at each other during embrace between gap in bushes

Romantic embrace between bride and groom standing in gap of bushes viewed through weeeping willow branches

Bride lifts leg as she and groom stand next to river cam with Clare College Bridge in Background

Bride groom sitting on steps in Clare college Cambridge gardens

Bride rests her head on grooms shoulder as they sit on bench in gardens of Clare College cambridge

Romantic moment between bride and groom sitting on garden bench bride rests head on grooms shoulder he looks at her holding brides hand

Bride groom look at each other as they wait at pedestrian crossing

A few kind words from Sasha & Hugh

“Thank you for all your hard work, we have just looked through the photos and enjoyed them HUGELY. Thank you so much for brilliantly capturing our day.”

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