Geoffrey & Kathleen – Queens College Wedding Blessing

The day could not have been more perfect for Kathleen and Geoffrey’s Queens College Wedding Blessing. Imagine a perfect English summer’s day. The sky is blue with an occasional white fluffy cloud and the sun is warm without being too hot. And to top it all off, beautifully manicured lawns that sweep down to the river Cam. This was the setting for their riotously romantic outdoor wedding blessing ceremony.

A Queens College Wedding Blessing

An Ancient College fit for a Queen

Queens’ College Cambridge is one of the oldest and largest colleges of the university. Founded in 1448 by Margaret of Anjou, it was re-founded in 1465 by her rival, Elizabeth Woodville. Powerful women both! The college is only one of two whose buildings span both sides of the river Cam, connected in this case by Cambridge’s most famous bridge, The Mathematical Bridge.

The ancient walls and rooms of Queens’ College provided a quiet calm space in which to get ready for the day ahead. You can’t fail to feel the hand of history here, where Queens and Kings have trodden, and where secret support for the Crown flourished during the English civil war.

A Romantic Outdoor Wedding Blessing

If you could picture a perfect English summer’s day, it would be Geoffrey and Kathleen’s wedding blessing. Wearing a pretty blue wedding gown redolent of delicate summer flowers, Kathleen walked across the lawns of Queens’ College with her father. The gentle strains of the classic quartet, interspersed with punting along the river creating the perfect pace to walk toward Geoffrey.

In an intimate ceremony conducted by a close friend, Geoffrey and Kathleen exchanged their vows. Laughter, smiles and a few tears accompanied their vows. As they kissed and turned to their assembled friends and family, the incredible summer light illuminated them both. A chivalrous kiss of the hand from Geoffrey and champagne all round completed their gorgeous wedding blessing ceremony.

Confetti on the Mathematical Bridge

Geoffrey and Kathleen’s guests gathered to throw confetti as they emerged from the college onto the world famous Mathematical Bridge – observed also by a crowd of tourists and onlookers nearby!

The legend is that the bridge was designed and built by Sir Isaac Newton without the use of nuts or bolts, and at some point there was a failed attempt by students or fellows of Queens’ College to take the bridge apart and put it back together. Sadly the story is untrue! It wasn’t actually built until 1749, 22 years after the famous scientist had taken his last steps around Cambridge. The bridge that Geoffrey and Kathleen walked across on their wedding day is a rebuild of the original completed in the early 1900’s incorporating design features to aid the Queen Mother during here visits to the College. On Geoffrey and Kathleen’s day their guests duly showered them and the bridge in confetti …… of the most fun parts of any wedding day.

Romance in the Cloisters

The photos of Geoffrey and Kathleen in Cloister Court at Queens’ College are achingly romantic. Dating back to the 1490’s the Cloister provided shade and a few quiet moments together before joining their guests. Take away the sounds of modern life (and possibly my camera shutter!) and you can easily feel as if you have stepped back five hundred years.

There were so many amazing moments during Geoffrey and Kathleen’s day. I loved capturing the expressions of guests as a brilliant magician entertained them. And, who doesn’t love a gorgeous summer fruit cake? Take a look at the gorgeous concoction that they shared with their guests. Incredible work!

As always, the evening wedding party is when everyone let’s their hair down and I love to photograph the dance floor craziness. Geoffrey and Kathleen did not disappoint an neither did their guests, dancing the night away until finally waving the happy couple off as they glided away down the river Cam on a midnight punt. How very ‘Cambridge’ and perfectly wonderful.

Thanks Geoffrey and Kathleen for allowing me to photograph your amazing celebrations.

A Few Kind Words From Geoffrey & Kathleen

“Thank you so much for all the extra effort you put into capturing all the special moments of our wedding. You were an absolute dream to work with. The photos are beautiful, and perfectly encapsulate so much of the day.”

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