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Pre-Wedding Photography

Never thought about having a Pre wedding shoot? Maybe you should think again….Before the big day, comes a moment where you need a bit of a break, a bit of breathing space from all the frantic activity trying on dresses, sending out invites, and organising the honeymoon, need I go on? Let’s face it, organising a big event can be tiring and everyone benefits from taking time out! Wouldn’t it be lovely then to stop for a couple of hours and enjoy some proper time with each other?

The pre-wedding photography shoot is a wonderful opportunity to do just that, to have time together and just have fun, relaxing in a great location. This is a wonderful heady time for you both, full of excitement, anticipation of a life together and ultimately unbridled joy, love and romance. When I look at the images of each couple that have taken time out to relax and have some beautiful photos taken of them together, there is something that defines the moment for them and shows how much they love each other. It can be the simplest of expressions that pass between them, a moment holding hands or doing an impromptu dance down the street (believe me it happens) and I always see smiles, lots of them!

In much the same way as I work to photograph your big day celebrations I want to capture beautiful moments as they happen; real and spontaneous with very little direction, other than finding the best places to be in a location that you love. For the just a short while, the world can stop turning …..

And you know what? You’ll also feel relaxed, ready and comfortable in front of the lens when you do declare your love for one another in front of family and friends brought together for your day…and have an amazing set of images to remember it all by.

Interested in having a romantic Pre Wedding Shoot before your big day?

If you would love to have an Pre Wedding shoot in a location that has special memories for you or a destination that is wildly romantic, get in touch by giving me a call on 0370 626 5200 or e-mail me at hello@scott-wood.uk to request my latest brochure, check my availability or to discuss your photography e-shoot requirements.


Pre-Wedding Photography Sessions

Nick & Elsie
Friars Court

Chris & Niki
Fanhams Hall

Dan & Vicky
Wimpole Hall

Julian & Catherine

Rock & Melanie

Andy & Kate
Woburn Sculpture Gallery