Roger & Hanako – Hengrave Hall

Being a wedding photographer at Suffolk wedding venue Hengrave Hall is always a pleasure and Roger and Hanako’s wedding was no exception.

It is unusual for me to be able to cover both the Bride and Groom preparations without having to get in my car! The two separate dedicated rooms for the bride, Elizabeth Suite, and for the groom is quite unique, this does allow me to capture a more complete story of the day than usual.

A beautiful intimate civil ceremony in the Library was followed by a traditional blessing held in the Hall’s own charming little chapel. Although plans for partying in the gardens may have been curtailed by the weather that did not deter anyone from ensuring a fantastic day was had by all with celebrations going on well in to the evening and culminating with some fantastic energetic dancing. Quite simply exquisite…………

Everything about this spectacular venue from its supremely luxurious chambers to the Grand Halls, and not to mention the extensive grounds with private lake, is guaranteed to give every Bride and Groom the most unbelievable day imaginably.

jimmy choo wedding shoes

traditional wedding gown on a manakin

japanese bride and assistants

hengrave hall wedding grand bridal room

Japanese bride being dressed in orange kimono

bridal party watches as japanese bride gets ready

bride and friends all smiling during preperations

wedding stylist applies last touches of lipstick to Japanese bride

these are the wedding bands

Japanese man reach out to take photo

groom waits resting on table

nervous bride enters and see her groom

guest takes photo of bride and groom during ceremony

placing the wedding band

applause and smiles after marriage

Japanese bride and her groom leaving the ceremony room

Japanese bride and her groom in door way embrace

sitting bride talks to her guests

Japanese bride and her groom walking in the gardens of hengrave hall

bride groom turn back

bride groom embrace amoungst roses

fathers playing pool

bride has her hair done

bride reflected in mirror during make up

bride has flower placed in hair

bride looking at bouquet during bridal prep

bridal make up

groom button hole flower being fixed

suit jacket on pool table

bride in mirror

bride talking to flower girl holding her hand

brides last adjustments bridesmaid reflected in mirror

unposed bridal portrait

brides father waits sitting on window ledge

bride flowergirl bridesmaid

long wedding gown

bride reflected in mirror talking to brides maids

wedding bridal viel

yawning flower girl in bridal suite of Hengrave hall

brides maids in a line do up each others dresses

wedding guests waiting in church

happy groom unposed portrait

smiling groom unposed portrait

hengrave hall wedding guests arrive

bride walking down stairs with bridesmaids at Hengrave Hall

bride on stairs long wedding dress train

bridal party leaves hengrave hall to go to church

bridal party walking to hengrave hall church

bride on her fathers arm

bridal party arriving at the Hengrave Hall church

bridemaids hold brides dress off the wet ground

Bride entering Hengrave Hall church

wedding party walking down Hengrave Hall Church aisle

bride and groom holding hands in Hengrave Hall Church

wedding guests watch groom hold bride during vows

grooms father watches vows

groom holds bride during her vows

hengrave hall wedding church flowers in jam jars on window ledge

bride groom walking down aisle of hengrave Hall Church

wedding guests standing in the rain

handing out confetti

flower girl waiting to throw confetti

exiting hengrave Hall church groom holding brides dress

confetti outside hengrave hall church

rain umbrellas bridal party

bridal party walking in rain under umbrellas to reception

bride and groom are met by waiters holding trays of drinks in entrance to Hengrave Hall

bridal party reflected in mirror as they walk down corridor of Hengrave hall

wedding cake rose petals

wedding dinning room hengrave hall

bride & groom in mirror

three male guests check seating plan tree

bride greets guest guest reflected in mirror

groom hugs guest

reflection in mirror groom kiss brides forehead

bride & groom enter Hengrave Hall dining hall to appluase

brides father contemplating speech

bride and groom guest look at photobook of memories

brides fathers speech

wedding guests clink glasses

applause for grooms speech

wedding guests applaud speeches

bride surprise during grooms speech

groom with hand on brides shoulder during speech

bride & groom laugh during best mans speech

cutting wedding cake

bride looking at tree wedding table plan

guests enjoying a chat at the dining table

everyone watches bride groom first dance

hengrave hall Bride & Groom first dance

checkerd dance floor at hengrave hall

dancing on checkerd floor seen from above

enjoying the dance

picked up during dance

bride & groom energetic dancing

every guest joins in the dance

wedding energy dancing

wedding dance off on floor

couple of wedding guests perform comical dance

groom pulls face during dance

wedding guest performs a funny dance

hengrave hall wedding venue at night

A few kind words from Roger & Hanako

“Our day was very special to us and we just LOVE the photos that Kevin took. Would we recommend you book him? One word, YES!”

Getting married at Hengrave Hall?

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