Featured Weddings

Featured weddings that show my approach to wedding photography.

Each wedding has its own unique moments. So, for me wedding photography is personal to every couple whose day I photograph. What remains consistent for me as a wedding photographer is how I photograph each wedding. Looking through each featured wedding will give you a sense of my natural relaxed style, that allows your day to flow naturally. No posing, just unscripted moments. Always beautiful, sometimes emotional, and always memorable.

Documenting those special moments between people that we all can relate to, and telling the story of the day in a set of stunning creative photographs is what I do. Photographs that will be loved for long after the day itself.

Within each collection of photographs you’ll notice the occasional portrait. Couples will often ask for these as part of their day. But, they are relaxed and romantic, providing an opportunity for the couple to sneak away from the celebrations without interfering in the flow of the day and being away from the celebrations for too long.

Ed & Natasha
Cambridgeshire Village

Sam & Stacey
Myconian Resort Mykonos

Geoffrey & Kathleen
Queens College

Jens & Sarah
Humanist Ceremony

Harry & Libby
Royal Chapel Windsor

Hugh & Sasha
Clare College

Nick & Becky
Old Bridge Hotel

Nick & Elsie
Friars Court

Jeremy & Robyn
Trinity College

Cezary & Caroline
Queens College

Alessio & Laura-Jane
Tuscany Wedding

David & Colleen
Normanton Church

Adam & Nichola
Castello di Vincigliata

Tony & Gabrielle
Chippenham Park

Tom & Ellen
Homerton College

Rock & Melanie
Christs College

Roger & Hanako
Hengrave Hall

Andy & Kate
Sculpture Gallery

Damian & Louise
Great Fosters

Tim & Anna
Jermyn’s House

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