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Christ’s College, Cambridge

Dating back as far as the 16th century, Christ’s College sits quietly in the centre of Cambridge. Its ancient walls juxtaposed with the modernity of this bustling university town. Lady Margaret Beaufort, the formidable mother of Henry VII was its founder. And, even now the college has an air of the formidable.

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Getting Married at Christ’s College

Step off the busy streets of Cambridge, through a small wooden door. And, as you enter into Christ’s College, it’s as if the modern world ceases to exist. I took one of my all-time favourite wedding photos here. It’s a reportage style photograph of the bride and her bridesmaid making ‘final adjustments’. What makes it special? I love that they’re observed by two passing shoppers, framed in the doorway of the College. It’s perfect timing and a moment that won’t repeat itself.

Christ’s College Chapel is striking in its simplicity and proportions. It’s also a privileged space where only Fellows, Alumni and College Staff may marry. So, brides can be forgiven for feeling intimidated as they walk down its wide aisle. But this is a beautiful space that’s calm and tranquil. Its elevated wooden pews seat your guests who await your arrival. You’ll see there smiles as you arrive and their congratulations during the recessional.

A Wedding Reception at Christ’s College

The joy of the occasion can continue long beyond your chapel ceremony. You can relax and chat to your guests in Christ’s College gardens. They’re stunning. And the wisteria clad Masters Lodge provides an elegant backdrop.

Venture further into the gardens for a quiet moment, where Milton’s Mulberry tree stands. A great of English Literature, John Milton is one of Christ’s College famous alumni. And, after a while, trace your footsteps back to the 19th Century Hall to celebrate with your guests.
History, impressive architecture, and beautiful gardens, within a world famous university….Could a bride and groom wish for a more beautiful place to celebrate their wedding day?

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