Ed & Natasha – Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Bridesmaid getting make up done as bride talks to mother

bridesmaid helping to Steam dresses standing on window ledge as two other bridesmaids talk

Bride holds up bridesmaid dress with clock above her on wall and mother steaming other dresses

Laughing bride with bridesmaids opens gifts from groom

Brides dress hanging next to bridesmaids dress veiwed through stair railings

Bridesmaids outside in Kimonos getting ready

Groom showing two ushers seating plan

groom writing at dining table waistcoats hanging

groom putting on stripy socks

groom getting help with cufflinks

Groom getting ready putting on waistcoat grandfather clock in foreground

Apprehensive groom adjust tie waitcoats hanging from railing

Groom and mother laughing

Bride getting false eyelashes fitted

Bridesmaids in the kitcken during prep wearing bright coloured kimonos

groom ushers whiteboard checklist

Ushers and groom open bottle of champagne

Ushers Cheers to the groom

groom handing out waistcoats to ushers

Bridesmaid having makeup done viewed from above

Bride getting hair done bridesmaids helping each other with thier dresses in background

Bride through stair railings during getting ready

Bride reflected in mirror during preparations

all the guys getting their waist coats on and ties down up

smiling grooms mother as groom helps usher with waist coat

groomsmen collecting button holes

groom about to leave home for the ceremony as mother goes up stairs

watching bride get in to her dress

Bride leans against wall as she is helped into her dress by bridesmaids other bridesmaid getting ready reflected in mirror

Groom embarrassed as he walks along road with ushers

groom and ushers waititng outside pub in Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village

groomsmen getting the beers in at the pub Chrishall Village Wedding

Hug for groom outside pub during Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Groom and ushers outside pub in Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village

laughing with groom outside pub in Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Bride has her ribbon dress straightened during getting ready

helping bride get ready

bridesmaid Ties a bow in brides dress

Father of bride gets tie adjusted reflected in mirror

Groom adjust cufflink as he walks with ushers through Chrishall Village in Cambridgeshire

Bridesmaids raise a glass over round table prior to leaving for ceremony Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Church at Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village ready for a Wedding

Father of bride reflected in mirror watches bride come down stairs first look

Bride comes down stairs in dress assited by bridesmaid

Bride and father greet each other

Bride brushes dress with her hand while holding bouquet

Father of bride watches as she leaves for church assisted by bridesmaids

Bridesmaids smiling sat in transport waiting to go to the church

laughing bride lifting dress off ground helped by bridesmaid as she leaves for church Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Usher checking the time on his watch

approaching male guest in morning suit at Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Approving look from female guest as ushers hug

smiling Flower girl hugs groom before Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

female guest in blue goes to give groom a hug with smile on her face outside Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Wedding guests sat in pews looking at order of service during Chrishall Church Village Wedding

Groom and usher at alter looking at order of service

Groom gets a hug from father as he stands at alter waiting for bride at Chrishall Church in Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

groom and best man laugh while stood at alter waiting for bride during Chrishall Church Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Mother smiles standing in front of large painting while baby yawns in side Chrishall village Church

Bridesmaids arriving at the church in Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village

Flowergirls welcoming bridesmaids at church Chrishall in Cambridgeshire

Bridesmaids and flowergirls pointing out who goes first Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Bride glances over shoulder as she sits in car

Bridesmaid adjusts brides dress after she gets out of car

Bridesmaid adjust back of brides dress

smiling Bridesmaid and flowergirl watch the arrival of the bride

Flowergirls talking to bride as bridesmaids adjust dress watched by remaining bridesmaids

Bride and flowergirl in enterance to church Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

usher sneaks a peak through church door to see if bride is ready before entering church

bridal party at enterance to church last adjustment of brides dress

Ushers at door of Chrishall Village church for Wedding

Bride enters church on fathers arm

waitng for bride to walk down aisle at Chrishall Church

Groom watches bride approach down aisle during Chrishall Church ceremony

Singing a hymn

gigling bridesmaids during church wedding ceremony

bride gazes at groom during ceremony

Wedding ceremony Chrishall Village church

Exchange of rings

Bridesmaid and flower girls sat in church at Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Church Wedding

Bride groom kiss at end of wedding ceremony

Bride looks over shoulder during ceremony at Chrishall Church Wedding

guests applaud at end of wedding ceremony

Flowergirl sneaks a view

Smiling bridesmaids during ceremony at Chrishall Village Church Wedding

smiling ushers during ceremony

Fathers reading during ceremony at Chrishall church

Flower girl holding mothers hand standing in aisle watches proceedings during ceremony Chrishall Church Cambridgeshire Wedding

Smiling bride groom hold hands as they walk down aisle after ceremony at Chrishall Church

Little boy takes some confetti as usher and bridesmaids come out of Chrishall church

bride groom kiss outside Chrishall church

Bride groom compare wedding bands brides veil flys over grooms shoulder

gent in top hat with hand full of confetti other guests behind take confetti from basket

Bridesmaids and flowergirls lined up to throw confetti

female guest takes confetti from wicker basket held by bridesmaid at exit to church in Chrishall village

Bride groom come out of church smiling after Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Church Wedding

bride groom come out of church as guest start to throw confetti outside church after ceremony Wedding

Smiling bride groom hold hands as guest throw confetti church door way in background

wedding confetti being throw at bride groom Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

joyful looks on bride and grooms faces as guests throw confetti Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Groom looks suprised as guests throw confetti outside church

Bride groom look at each other holding hands as they walk towards helicopter after church Village Wedding

Bride groom smiling walking hand in hand groom holding brides bouquet in long grass

Guests standing behind fence looking towrds helicopter with bride groom waiting for it to take off

Bride waving from helicopter as it departs after ceremony Chrishall Village Wedding

Grooms mother looking excited at helicopter taking off Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Wedding guests walking to reception after ceremony during Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Helicopter with bride and groom flying over guests walking to reception

Wedding guests in background walking to reception with helicopter in foreground Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Lttle girl being held up by father to see helicopter

Bride helped out of helicopter by pilot and groom at Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Bride & groom walking in front of helicopter groom holding brides bouquet Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Groom and two ushers checking out brides braclet Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Reception arrow sign Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Mrs & Mrs signs on back of bride and grooms chairs Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

White LOVE letters in front of wedding cake

Interior of marquee at Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

cloths pegs on table with hearts attached in front of cards here basket

Smiling bride and groom holding hands walking along hessian carpet arrive at reception

Smiling bride holding grooms hand as they arrives at reception

look of joy on guests faces as they talk to bride

Bridesmaid closes eyes as she gives bride a big hug

Lady takes photo of bride on her phone whilst bride talks to guests during reception

Lady points out confetti that has got into brides dress

wedding guests standing next to marquee talking

man and lady in pink hat laughing outside marquee Village Wedding

two ladies pointing during conversation Village Wedding

flowergirls waiting for drinks at outside bar Village Wedding reception

Bridesmaids and flower girls selfie during reception

Father and brother of groom looking at brides bouquet

Marquee in garden guests on lawn during Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

laughter from other guests as Man touches his nipples through his suit during wedding reception

Bride groom kiss brides veil caught in wind unposed bridal portrait

flower girls finnishing her drink sat on floor of marquee as usher walks past

Guests In conversation

About to help oneself to nibbles

call to sit for wedding reception

Final adjustments for bridesmaids boyfriend during Village Wedding reception

Checking the wedding reception seating plan

Couple taking a selfie sat at table whilst other guests look for their seats

Hang your hat sign next to pink hat in marquee

looking at photos of bride and groom as they grew up

Baby looking over fathers shoulder

Smiling and laughing Bridesmaids surrounding bride two do up brides ribbon whilst others hold brides hand

bridesmaid looking at brides wedding ring

Two guest pump fists whilst sat at dining table

bride groom embrace outside marquee

Guest cheer and appluad bride groom on entering marquee for wedding breakfast at Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village marquee Wedding

Happy Bride groom raise arms in celebration as they enter marquee

Smiling guests applaud bride groom as they enter marquee for reception party

Bride kisses groom applauded by guests as they arrive at head table marquee Village Wedding reception

Everyone applauds bride groom as they arrive at head table

Bride holds hands with lady whilst looking at wedding cake with mother in law

Flower girls wow at wedding cake holds letter O of the word love on cake table

Smiling bride groom during speeches Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Male guest laughs at speeches

laughing guests during speeches held in marquee

Father of bride reading speech watched by guests inside marquee

Smiling bride as she is handed a childhood toy during fathers speech

Groom holds up large photo of him dressed up bride embarressed mother laughing

Helping father of the bride with his speech

Smiling bridesmaid looking at large photo of groom during speeches

laughing male guest in glasses during speeches

groom explaining a story during his speech

laughing at grooms speech

cheers raising of wine glasses smiling bridesmaid

Marquee, cake during grooms speech

laughing flower girl sat in fathers lap during speeches

Bride smiles at grooms mother whilst holding her hand during grooms speech

Bride kisses groom after his speech

laughing at speeches

Guests pulling faces at photos during speeches Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Head table laughing at photos during bestmans speech at Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Everyone enjoying three male guest doing hacker for bride and groom

three male guests do hacker for wedding party at Chrishall Cambridgeshire Village Wedding

Bride groom being watched by guest as they go through their first dance routine

Bride twirls and groom lets go of her hand during first dance in marquee

Bride groom embrace during first dance watched by guests

bridesmaids sitting on floor as bride groom do their first dance inside marquee

Cambridgeshire Village Wedding in a marquee bride groom first dance

Bride and groom dancing with bridesmaids

Just about engough room on the dance floor to carry two bottles of beer as bride dances with male guest

Brid eand bridesmaids on the packed dance floor

young girl being lifted in the air on the dance floor

everyone on the dance floor at Village marquee Wedding reception

Giving the bride a hug on the dance floor while holding a bottle of beer

Two guys hold hands as they dance around lady who is swishing her hair on the dance floor

Lady being flung around dance floor

Ladies with inflatable instruments on dance floor

Edler gents on the packed dance floor with inflatable instruments during

Lady having a good laugh on the dance floor with bridesmaid during Marquee Wedding reception

A few kind words from Ed & Natasha

“We just wanted to say thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for being such an important part of our big day, you were so proffessional and calm on the day.
We can’t get over the pictures you have managed to capture so many gorgeous moments. going through the photos brings back so much happiness and we really can’t thankyou enough.”

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