Tony & Gabrielle – Chippenham Park, Cambridgeshire

A Quintessential English Wedding at Chippenham Park

Nestling in 300 acres of parkland lies the little country jewel of Chippenham Park. As English country house wedding venues go it’s pretty special. And, it’s where I had the pleasure to photograph Gabrielle and Tony’s gorgeous wedding.

From bridal preparation to the fizzing fireworks, Chippenham Park dazzled its guests. Dazzled? You bet. There were so many fantastic moments that I can share with you from Gabrielle and Tony’s wedding. So let’s get started……..

Beautiful Bridal Preparations

Gabrielle chose to get ready in the stylish bridal suite at Chippenham Park. It’s a little oasis of calm colours and big windows. Most of all, they’re windows that flood the room with natural light and give a gorgeous view of the gardens. Altogether now………relax.

There’s space to move around and to relax with your bridesmaids over a glass of fizz. And when it comes to changing into ‘the dress’? You won’t be worried about battling for space with it as there’s space for you and your entire wedding team!

But, the morning wasn’t without a little emotional ‘wobble’. Just as Gabrielle sat to have her make-up and hair done! Still, the fabulous Bo from Botias Tailor Made Hair and Make-Up was on hand to help!

It was one of the loveliest bridal prep times I have had the pleasure to be part of. I especially loved the calm way in which Gabrielle sat for her make-up (once the initial wobble was over). And, I was able to photograph her looking through those big windows that look out onto the garden. She looked gorgeous.

Above all, I just adore the few moments she had with her little daughter before getting dressed. There’s a real bond between them that comes across in the photos and they both look so happy and relaxed

And finally….almost every wedding photographer I know loves a good reflection, me included. So, did I say how stunning the bridal suite is? Yes, I know…..but the mirrors in that room are perfect. I love the photos of Gabrielle’s reflection as she put on her veil and did ‘final touches’. Seemed like pretty much a perfect morning…

Chippenham Park Wedding venue

brides dress on bed

weddding shoes

brides maids dresses hanging on wardrobe

dress hangers

brides dress hanging in door way

bride preparations reflection of gardens in window

bride having make up done seen from above

bride checks her make up during bridal preparations

bridesmaid look of joy

smiling bride reflected in mirror

unposed bridal portrait

bride reflected in mirror

bride bridesmaid share a moment

bride and brides maid holding hands

unposed smiling bride portrait

unposed bride portrait under large stunning light shade

bride gives presents to brides maids

father of the bride first look

A Lakeside Wedding Ceremony

So with everyone ready it was time to walk to the ceremony at the Lake Summer House. Gabrielle looked stunning as she walked through lavender filled gardens to the ceremony. On the arm of her father, and with her bridesmaids following, everyone felt emotional. Even the scent of the lavender was unable to calm them. But, it was the quintessential English summer wedding day. And, the elegant gardens of Chippenham Park were a perfect backdrop for the outdoor ceremony.

There were a few more tears as Gabrielle walked down the aisle. So much emotion and love! But, it was all smiles by the time the ceremony started. A ceremony made all the more special with their smiling baby daughter close by…..

Cue the Champagne and canapés on the lawn…..

The sun shone. The sound of laughter and clinking glasses filled the air. How much more perfect could the day get? Guests mingled and chatted before heading off to the marquee for the wedding breakfast…a great opportunity for some relaxed photos of wedding guests.

And you know what? There was even some time for the happy couple to sneak away for a little while. A quiet relaxed moment for them. Also, an opportunity for me to capture a series of romantic couple portraits.

The laughter and romance is (as always) completely natural. I adore the photos of them sharing a joke together. And, I especially like the photo of Tony helping Gabrielle with her shoe on the manicured lawns. What a gentleman!

wedding bands on piano keys

chippenham park wedding this way to I do's sign

wedding guests arriving

guests arriving for chippenham park wedding

shaking hands

bridal party walking through door way

bride getting ready to leave watched by father

father and bride making their way to ceremony

bridal party walking to ceremony in chippenham park gardens

brides maid pointing the way standing under planrted archway

bridal party walking along lavender foot path in chippenham park gardens

smiling bride arrives for outdoor ceremony on arm of father

bride groom exchange looks during outdoor ceremony

wedding out door gazebo ceremony

smiling bride and groom during exchanging vows

 ceremony gazebo flowergirl

groom places wedding band on brides finger

wedding ring being placed on brides finger

groom kisses bride after outdoor ceremony

groom punches air as he leaves gazebo after outdoor ceremony in chippenham park gardens

groom kisses bride after ceremony

a moments contemplation

smiling bride and groom leave wedding ceremony in chippenham park gardens


smiling bride unposed

bridal party walking past lavender in chippenham park gardens

smiling bride and groom champagne lavender chippenham park gardens

A Fantastic Wedding Party

So, after emotional speeches and the sharing of many jokes, it was time to kick back and party. It was a fabulous summers evening with stunning light and amazing views across the lake. The street style marquee looked incredible against the night sky.

And my favourite photos from the evening? It has to be the photos from the first dance. Gabrielle and Tony slow dance under twinkling ‘starlight’. In the background a lone musician plays their song………And to finish? The fun of everyone gathering to light their sparklers was great to photograph.

Everyone relaxed, happy and joyful at the end of an awesome wedding day. Awesome

bridal bouquet horderves slate serving plate

smiling baby and family

what do we have here

bride laughing with guests

wedding guests in conversation

having a drink in chippenham park gardens

doing up her mans tie

bridesmaids selfie

bridal party in gardens chippenham park

bride and brides maids in gardens chippenham park

how does this camera work

laughter chippenham park wedding

bride groom share a moment

bride laughing with groom

bride and groom walking in gardens of chippenham park

bride groom kissing on bridge over water chippenham park wedding

bride groom laughing on bridge chippenham park wedding

bridal portrait chippenham park wedding

confetti chippenham park wedding

guests throw confetti

guests walking to marquee near lake at chippenham park wedding

table placement board

menu chippenham park wedding

chandelier table flowers wedding

table flowers chippenham park wedding

chandelier and flowers

table names card

wedding cake

bride groom enter chippenham park marquee

conversation around table

guests romantic moment

father bride speeches bride, groom and guests laughing

father bride speech

guests during speeches

cringing during speeches

bride smiling at groom during his speech

teary eyed bride during grooms speech

guests during grooms speech in marquee

toast speeches

bestmans speech

bridesmaids sign welcome card

guests talking

bride groom romantic sunset walk

late evening romantic bride and groom go for a walk around chippenham park gardens

bride and groom embrace



kiss and hug

groom helps bride with shoes in chippenham park grounds

guests standing near lake

embrace during first dance

bride and groom first dance musician in background

late evening conversation

chippenham park marquee interior at night

evening sparklers

chippenham park wedding venue at night

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