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Adam & Nichola – Castello di Vincigliata

Nichola and Adam’s destination wedding at Castello di Vincigliata near Florence was awesome! Nestling in the hills above Florence, Castello di Vincigliata is unbelievably beautiful. If a fairytale were to come to life, this is the castle from the fairytale. It even has its own ghost!

More recently, having a destination wedding at Castello di Vincigliata has found its way onto the radar of celebrity brides. So, anyone wanting the grand fairytale wedding may have to wait in the queue. You can imagine my excitement when Nicola and Adam told me that they planned to hold their wedding there. WOW!

Destination Wedding Castello di Vincigliata

So, on a hot sunny day, Nicola and Adam held their destination wedding at Castello di Vincigliata. Taking place in front of an intimate group of family and friends, it was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding. Arriving on her father’s arm, Nicola looked radiant wearing a flowing one-shoulder dress. And, as she walked down the rose petal aisle she only had eyes for Adam. 

Castle with A View

Looking out from the gardens over to Florence, Nicola and Adam exchanged their vows. And, under a blazing sun they took their first kiss, to great applause! It’s an incredible experience to have an outdoor ceremony. But, I do recommend wearing good sunscreen. A summer wedding in Italy can be a hot experience! I’ve known the temperatures soar above 40 degrees centigrade. True to expectation, Nicola and Adam’s destination wedding at Castello di Vincigliata was no exception! 

The great walls of Castello di Vincigliata provided welcome shade for confetti throwing. It’s always great fun to photograph this part of the day. Although, Adam did nearly trip over Nichola’s flowing gown! I do love the confetti throwing, wherever in the world the wedding is! 

Castle of Their Dreams

The castle’s position also makes it perfect for amazing wedding portraits. Part of the reason for having their destination wedding at Castello di Vincigliata was because of the incredible views. Nichola and Adam loved being able to look out over Florence from the castle’s ‘picture window’. And it’s the location for one of their favourite photographs. They loved wondering around the grounds and the ancient walls.

Wedding Reception In Style

But, the WOW factor doesn’t stop there. Nichola and Adam kicked off their reception in style! A glass framed doorway was their entrance to the castle’s courtyard. Its original stone walls rise high providing a dramatic setting for a wedding reception. Don’t you just love the way these contemporary and ancient styles mix together? Oh, and we must not forget their wedding cake. Done in the Italian style, it was a confection of pastry, cream and fruits. It’s a real showstopper as it’s assembled in front of them and their guests.

Night Time Magic of Castello di Vincigliata

As night falls the magic of Castello di Vincigliata reveals itself. One by one the lights of city below come on. Meanwhile the castle is lit with candlelight and spotlights. Want to have your first dance under a canopy of stars? That’s what Nicola and Adam did. They were in great form as they glided across the dancefloor! It doesn’t take much to realise why they wanted their destination wedding at Castello di Vincigliata. Who wouldn’t?! Oh, and if you prefer to sit the dancing out? Well, you can always relax in the courtyard with a ‘digestif’. The light is beautiful in here at night. And perfect for sharing moments from the day with other guests.

To photograph a destination wedding at Castello di Vincigliata is incredible. It’s one of the best destination wedding venues in Tuscany. And it has a special place in my heart. Thank you Nichola and Adam for letting me share your day.

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