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Adam & Nichola – Castello di Vincigliata

Castello di Vincigliata Wedding Photography

Castello di Vincigliata near Florence was Nichola and Adam’s destination wedding venue of choice and it was truly awesome! Nestling in the hills above Florence, Castello di Vincigliata is unbelievably beautiful. If a fairytale were to come to life, this is the castle from the fairytale. It even has its own ghost!

More recently, having a destination wedding at Castello di Vincigliata has found its way onto the radar of celebrity brides. So, anyone wanting the grand fairytale wedding may have to wait in the queue. You can imagine my excitement when Nicola and Adam told me that they planned to hold their wedding there. WOW!

Destination Wedding Castello di Vincigliata

So, on a hot sunny day, Nicola and Adam held their destination wedding in front of an intimate group of family and friends, it was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding. Arriving on her father’s arm, Nicola looked radiant wearing a flowing one-shoulder dress. And, as she walked down the rose petal aisle she only had eyes for Adam. 

Castle with A View

Looking out from the gardens over to Florence, Nicola and Adam exchanged their vows. And, under a blazing sun they took their first kiss, to great applause! It’s an incredible experience to have an outdoor ceremony. But, I do recommend wearing good sunscreen. A summer wedding in Italy can be a hot experience! I’ve known the temperatures soar above 40 degrees centigrade. True to expectation, Nicola and Adam’s destination wedding at Castello di Vincigliata was no exception! 

The great walls of the Castello provided welcome shade for confetti throwing. It’s always great fun to photograph this part of the day. Although, Adam did nearly trip over Nichola’s flowing gown! I do love the confetti throwing, wherever in the world the wedding is! 

Castle of Their Dreams

The castle’s position also makes it perfect for amazing wedding portraits. Part of the reason for having their destination wedding at Castello di Vincigliata was because of the incredible views. Nichola and Adam loved being able to look out over Florence from the castle’s ‘picture window’. And it’s the location for one of their favourite photographs. They loved wondering around the grounds and the ancient walls.

Wedding Reception In Style

But, the WOW factor doesn’t stop there. Nichola and Adam kicked off their reception in style! A glass framed doorway was their entrance to the castle’s courtyard. Its original stone walls rise high providing a dramatic setting for a wedding reception. Don’t you just love the way these contemporary and ancient styles mix together? Oh, and we must not forget their wedding cake. Done in the Italian style, it was a confection of pastry, cream and fruits. It’s a real showstopper as it’s assembled in front of them and their guests.

Night Time Magic of Castello di Vincigliata

As night falls the magic of the Castello reveals itself. One by one the lights of city below come on. Meanwhile the castle is lit with candlelight and spotlights. Want to have your first dance under a canopy of stars? That’s what Nicola and Adam did. They were in great form as they glided across the dancefloor! It doesn’t take much to realise why they wanted their destination wedding at Castello di Vincigliata. Who wouldn’t?! Oh, and if you prefer to sit the dancing out? Well, you can always relax in the courtyard with a ‘digestif’. The light is beautiful in here at night. And perfect for sharing moments from the day with other guests.

To photograph a destination wedding at Castello di Vincigliata is incredible. It’s one of the best destination wedding venues in Tuscany. And it has a special place in my heart. Thank you Nichola and Adam for letting me share your day.

Castello di Vincigliata wedding venue set out for a wedding on patio under deep blue sky

Wedding bands on order of service

Man in suit holding video camera next to lady in Pink dress with white spots in gardens standing next to large terracotta palnt pot full of pink flowers

wedding guests talking to groom in gardens at Castello di Vincigliata wedding

wedding guests talking in gardens in front of Castle

adult male guests talking to child standing next to stone lion at Castello di Vincigliata wedding

smiling guests arrive at Castello di Vincigliata wedding venue

guests arriving through gate of Castello di Vincigliata greeted by couple sat videoing their arrival

wedding band quartet under large parrasol in gardens

couple enjoying gardens and drink standing in shade from hot sun at Castello di Vincigliata wedding

groom looking at laughing bestman talking to guests

paige boy walking through large wooden doors holding camera at Castello di Vincigliata wedding

man sitting on wall next to stone lion

wedding guests getting a drink from waiter in white jacket in gardens of italian castle

guests mingling in Italian gardens

groom standing in doorway talking to paige boy

father of the groom portrait

groom and male guests talking as paigeboy approaches from background

Castello di Vincigliata wedding venue under a Italian blue sky

guests talking in the shade hiding from the hot sun

Castello di Vincigliata wedding table plan in front of large doors and two large stone lion statues

Castello di Vincigliata wedding order of service laid on a seat covered in white material

guest takes some photos on their phone

Castello di Vincigliata reflected in male guest sun glasses

groom checks phone whilst standing next to bestman

best man walking amongst seated guests

bridal party arrives at enterance to Castello di Vincigliata

smiling Bride arrives at Castello di Vincigliata on her father arm

bridal party walking in front of Castello di Vincigliata on way to ceremony

bride and father walk down aisle as guests watch and take photos on phone

bride holding onto fathers arm arrives next to groom

rose petals on ground with bride and groom in background during ceremony

Castello di Vincigliata during wedding ceremony under blue sky

emotional reading from lady in white and black striped hat

view over tuscan hills during the ceremony at Castello di Vincigliata

<img src=

bride groom hold hands during ceremony

paige boy watches ceremony

bride places wedding band on grooms finger as guests watch in background

grooms wedding band brides holds grooms little finger

Bride groom are drapped with green sash during blessing

bride groom start to walk down aisle at end of ceremony

bridal couple walking down aisle

confetti and bridal couple with castello di Vincigliata in background

bridal couple smiling during confetti throwing

cherry tomatoes and mozzarella on sticks

guests enjoying drinks and food served by waiters in white jackets

guests in Tuscan gardens


white bridal flowers in doorway

guests sitting in garden talking

bride talking to guests in garden

female guests talking under Italian portico

Castello di Vincigliata bride climbs stone stairs

 two pigeons join bridal couple in Castello di Vincigliata tower over looking Florence

bridal couple looking out across tuscan countryside from castle tower

bridal couple embrace in castle tower

bridal couple kiss in castle keep

Castello di Vincigliata tower & bridal couple kissing reflected in glass door

Castello di Vincigliata courtyard set out for dinner

Castello di Vincigliata wedding table settings

table flowers

 lady in hat boy on games machine sitting

guests looking for their seats on table plan

bride sits on grooms knee in portico

bride groom enter central courtyard of Castello di Vincigliata for meal greeted by guests

waitress waits to serve guests

Castello di Vincigliata central courtyard during meal

table decoration

bride and father looking at guest

waitress walking around tables during meal

waiter looks to the sky's as guests enjoy their meal

laughing guests sat at table

checking out the back of the camera

Castello di Vincigliata wedding photography guests talking to bride as waiters stand by

guests talking at dining table

making the wedding cake

bridal couple watching wedding cake being made

smiling bride leaning against metal door unposed portrait

unposed photo of bridal Couple walking around Castello di Vincigliata

heart shaped wedding cakes

cutting the cake

brides fathers speech

guests listening to speeches

grooms speech

groom laughing during his speech

videoing speeches

best mans speech

Central courtyard of Castello di Vincigliata wedding venue at night

Castello di Vincigliata wedding venue central courtyard during meal

Castello di Vincigliata wedding venue at night

ordering drinks at the bar with Castello di Vincigliata in background

preparing for first dance children playing on the dance floor

old couple enjoy a dance

Band plays music in front of Castello di Vincigliata

guests enjoying a drink under night sky

first dance outside under the night sky

Bridal couples first dance surrounded by guests

Castello di Vincigliata in background as the bridal couple have their first dance as guests watch

bride groom enjoying first dance in front of Castello di Vincigliata

smiling bride during first dance

Castello di Vincigliata wedding venue at night viewed from the tower over looking the outside dance floor and Florence in the distance

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